New Green Refrigerants That Can Reduce Environmental Damage From Automobile Air Conditioners


Driving your car when it's really hot can be not only unpleasant, but also potentially dangerous if it affects your decision-making abilities while driving. The problem is that using traditional auto air conditioning services can also be energy-intensive and bad for the environment. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep your car cool with greener technology.

Automobile AC and Pollution

Cars produce many emissions that can cause damage to the environment. In particular, a car's air conditioning does this on its own. Some older cars even use Freon that can get into the air through leaks or while the car is being repaired. Freon is known to be a substance that depletes the ozone directly.

This is why the need for more eco-friendly refrigerants in cars is driving new innovation.

CO2 Auto AC Tech

Some experts claim that one approach to making air conditioning on cars friendlier for the environment is by using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. There are some electric heat pump devices that do this.

Specifically, experts are advocating for using this for electric cars, since it would also have the added benefit of allowing the car to run further on one charge. Electric cars already have the potential to be more environmentally friendly due to their ability to run without using fossil fuels.

If they can also reduce emissions from air conditioning and use less energy overall, this would make them even more effective at not depleting the ozone.

Other Green Refrigerant Alternatives

One new technology can help reduce a car's effect on global warming includes new green refrigerants developed a few years ago.

Many of these refrigerants have been tested to contribute to global warming over 99% less than the chemical refrigerant currently used in car air conditioners which is called HFC-134a.

The government is trying to incentivize car makers who consider using this new refrigerant by giving them gas emission credits.

This is part of a continuing effort from the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, to cut back on air conditioner chemicals that deplete the ozone. Even the current commonly used chemical, HFC-134a, is an upgrade over the chemical used before it which was called CFC-12.

Overall, those who want to minimize their negative impact on the environment should do their best to keep up to date with the most recent upgrades in eco-friendly air conditioning in cars and in other fields.

This is because the EPA is constantly encouraging innovation in this field and new, more eco-friendly refrigerants are coming out frequently as a result.


13 February 2015

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