2 Common Problems With Mini-Coopers & Signs To Look For


Your mini-cooper should last a long time with proper care, but that does not mean you won't have any problems. The following guide will help you diagnose 2 common problems that mini-coopers tend to have. 

Keep An Eye On Your Electric Power Steering Pumps

Your electric power steering pump applies pressure to the power steering. This pressure helps your pistons move and tells your gears to steer your vehicle. So as you can imagine, a power steering pump failure is a problem that you need to pay attention to. The following are just a few signs that may tell you your electric power steering pumps are beginning to fail:

  1. Squealing or whining could be a sign that your power steering pumps are failing. But this could also mean that you do not have enough power steering fluid, or you could also have a leak.
  2. Pay attention when you make a slow turn. You might feel as if the wheel is not working for a few seconds. This will occur when your pump is having trouble engaging. 
  3. If you drive your vehicle in cold temperatures, pay attention to your turns because you may have a bad power steering pump should you have trouble steering. Cold temperatures tend to highlight a bad power steering pump because it takes more power to turn.
  4. You might also hear squealing when you start your vehicle, as the pump is still cold. Or, you might hear squeals when you make sharp turns, as these maneuvers tend to put a strain on your power steering. 
  5. Loud groaning sounds under your hood when you steer may also be a sign.

You need to talk to your mini-cooper specialist if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms. There is one more common problem to watch out for.

Pay Attention To Rattling Timing Chains

The timing chain is responsible for keeping the crankshaft and camshaft working together. Your engine valves open and close correctly because of your timing chain. In short, your timing belt gets most of the moving parts in your vehicle working and synchronized. 

The following are just a few signs that may tell you your timing chain is going bad:

  1. Rattling under the hood, especially when your car is idling. 
  2. You might notice small shards in your engine oil. These shards are coming from a worn out chain.

If your car displays these signs, you should take your car in for a proper inspection. 

You can avoid these issues by making sure you keep up with your regular maintenance checks with your mini cooper service specialist. 


19 February 2015

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