Frequently Wrong Assumptions About Using Mobile Truck Repair Services


When you make a living hauling goods from place to place in a semi truck, making deliveries on schedule is a crucial point of your job. Unfortunately, there is often no way of telling when a breakdown is going to happen, leaving you stuck on the side of the road. You could wait for your dispatch station to send you someone out for repairs, but it is often a more logical and timely solution to contact a mobile truck repair service on your own. However, a lot of drivers have wrong impressions about mobile repair that get in the way of their better judgement.

Misconception: Mobile truck repair services only offer limited mechanical attention.

Fact: For whatever reason, there are a lot of drivers who wrongly believe that mobile truck repair services only offer a limited choice of services like tire changes and battery replacement. However, these companies actually employ a full range of mechanical professionals who can tend to just about any mechanical issue you run into. They will even usually bring parts and tools to you in order to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Misconception: If you have to call on one of these services, you will not be reimbursed for the charges.

Fact: If there is one thing important to the main office at a trucking company, it is that their drivers deliver on time. Therefore, most are fairly flexible when it comes to repairs during a trip and do allow drivers to use their best judgement to get back on the road as quick as possible. It is best to talk to your employer about their guidelines, but in most cases, any repairs by a mobile truck repair service will be reimbursed.

Misconception: In order to use most mobile repair services, you have to pay for a membership.

Fact: There are some services that offer membership opportunities to truck drivers that allow them to get special discounts for services. However, this usually only applies to owner-operators. Therefore, just about any truck driver can take full advantage of the services offered by a mobile truck repair service without having to sign up for any type of membership.

When you know all of the real facts about mobile truck repair, it is easy to see why there are so many over-the-road truckers who rely on this convenient service when something does go wrong. Be sure you do not let common myths, misconceptions, and assumptions lead you to spending more time waiting for repairs then necessary when you are out on the road. (For more information, contact C L Enterprises)


20 February 2015

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