Mobile Mechanics: Adding A Few Extra Hours To Your Day When You Need Them The Most


Have you ever had a week when you wondered how you were going to get everything done? This kind of a week is especially common when you are planning for a vacation. Not only are there a million things that you have to prepare, such as packing and getting maintenance done on your vehicle. But if you are like most people, you can't afford to take an extra week of vacation from work, just to prepare for you vacation. Besides, who really wants to use up all of their vacation time before they actually leave on a big trip? What if there was a way to check a few of those items off of your list of preparations, still get your work done, and possibly even save a bit of money in the process?

Getting Your Car Ready

Making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy is an important part of preparing for a long trip. By taking the time to have it inspected to be sure that everything is in working order, the oil and fluids are changed, and there are no major hidden problems, you can potentially avoid breaking down during your drive to or from your destination. Having a certified mechanic inspect your vehicle and perform basic routine maintenance before your trip could save you a lot of time and money from problems that could surface while you are out of town.

Reclaiming Your Time (And Money)

The trouble with making sure that your car is properly prepared for the trip is finding the time to get it done. Taking off of work in order to go get your oil changed during lunch may be easy enough, but what if you need new brakes, or a tire rotation, or some other service that takes a few hours? Do you really have the extra vacation time to spend an entire day at the mechanic's shop? If you decide to just leave your car at the shop, renting a vehicle in order to get to work can be expensive and time consuming.

Rather than taking off of work or renting a car, why not try a mobile mechanic? These are mechanics that will come directly to your home or office in order to perform repairs or maintenance on your vehicle, without you ever having to set foot in a shop. This way, you can work (or pack) while your car gets the attention that it needs. The really cool part is that because mobile mechanics (such as Immortal Auto Moto) are not based out of a shop, they do not have the overhead of paying for a building or electricity, and they are able to pass those savings along to you. In some cases, you may actually save up to 30% off of what you would pay at your local automotive shop.


30 June 2015

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