4 Signs Your Vehicle's Automatic Transmission Isn't Working Correctly


If your vehicle's automatic transmission is not working correctly, then you will notice certain issues while you are driving. Taking your car in for servicing quickly when you notice the first signs of a transmission problem can save you a lot of money by catching small problems before they become major issues.

Here are four common signs that your vehicle's automatic transmission is malfunctioning:

Sign 1: Transmission Fluid Leaking

Your vehicle's automatic transmission is a closed system. Inside the transmission is a red fluid that serves a dual purpose of:

  • cooling the transmission during use
  • lubricating the transmission's moving parts

Transmission fluid has a very sweet smell. If you smell a sweet burning smell while driving, or if you see a puddle of red liquid under your vehicle, then your transmission needs to be serviced. Transmission fluid leaks are often caused by a failed seal that can easily be replaced. However, if the seal is not replaced in a timely manner, then the transmission fluid can all leak out and the transmission will be ruined.

Sign 2: Slipping into Neutral While Driving

The linkage is a cable mechanism inside of your vehicle's automatic transmission. When the linkage cable becomes worn from use, the transmission will pop out of gear and into neutral at random times. As you can imagine, this is not good for your car, and it is also a safety hazard for you and others on the road.

If your vehicle shifts at what appear to be the wrong times, or if it slips into neutral while driving, then it needs to have its transmission serviced. Not replacing the linkage cable soon enough will result in it breaking and ruining the gears of the transmission in the process.

Sign 3: Vehicle Not Accelerating

When the clutch in an automatic transmission begins to fail, the vehicle will not properly shift during acceleration. Instead, the engine will increase its output, but the transmission will hesitate before shifting into a higher gear. During this lag time, you will hear the engine wind up and will feel the car shift later than you would expect. This wastes gas and puts excessive stress on your vehicle's motor. A transmission mechanic can easily replace the clutch and solve this problem.

Sign 4: Jerking or Clunking During Shifting

Finally, if you notice your vehicle making any jerking movements or clunking noises, then the gears within the transmission are wearing out. While a clutch problem will cause the car to shift later than expected, a gear problem will result in jolting movements upon shifting. If you find yourself saying; "What was that clunk?" when you car shifts, then it likely has worn gears in the transmission.

If you notice any of these signs, take your car to a shop like Rolling Bay Automotive as soon as possible. 


7 August 2015

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