Identifying The First Signs Of A Passenger Truck Air Conditioning Problem


As the owner of a passenger truck, it is important for you to learn to recognise the first signs of a potential air conditioning system problem. By learning to understand when something isn't right with your truck's air conditioner, you can get the problem fixed much more easily and less expensively than if the issue persists and the problem expands into additional parts.

Here are some of the first signs that you will notice when the air conditioner in your truck isn't working properly:

Truck Air Conditioning Noise or Vibration

If you turn on the air conditioner in your truck and you hear noises or feel a vibration on the dashboard, then the fan that blows the cold air into your truck may have become clogged with leaves and dirt. This is a common problem and the fan can easily be cleaned by removing it and blowing it out with an air compressor.

Mice and other rodents often like to make nests inside of this type of car part because it is small and has an inner sanctuary for them to hide from the world. If the rodents have chewed on the wiring, then you will need to have the entire fan assembly replaced.

Truck Air Conditioning Smells

Since air conditioners cool the air which causes water condensation to form, they are prone to problems with mold and mildew growing in their evaporator box. If your truck has mold or mildew growing inside of its evaporator box, then the first sign you will notice is a musty odor that is strongest when you first turn on your air conditioning system.

To fix this problem, your mechanic will replace the evaporator box with a new one. Additionally, you can turn off the recirculating switch when you are using the air conditioning, as this forces the system to use warmer outdoor air and that helps to keep the evaporator box flowing with fresh air rather than stale air from the cabin.

Truck Air Conditioning Moisture

If the floor boards of your truck ever get wet on a hot day while you are running the air conditioner, then the system likely has a clogged drain port. Typically, the drain port will drain excess water from evaporation down onto the pavement. When it is clogged, then the water runs out and onto the carpeting in your truck.

To fix this problem, your air conditioning technician will remove the plug and replace it with a new one.

Truck Air Conditioning Reduction in Airflow

Finally, if you are driving down the road and the airflow coming from the vents is cold but stops flowing as well as it was when the truck was first started, then the evaporator on the air conditioning system may be frozen. Just like when you run the air conditioning too cold in your home and the evaporator freezes and spits out ice chunks, the same can happen in your truck.

To fix a problem with chronic freezing of the evaporator, your mechanic will need to replace the evaporator with a new one.

For more information on truck air conditioning repair, click on the link or do an online search. 


13 August 2015

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