About The Importance Of A Prompt Transmission Repair


Does your car seem to struggle to move when you are driving? It is in your best interest to take your car to a shop to get it serviced and find out if the transmission is the root of the problem. Find out in this article why it is vital to nip a transmission problem in the bud, as well as what you will have to spend on a new one if it goes out completely.

Why Should a Transmission Repair Be Made in a Timely Manner?

You must understand that your car won't budge if the transmission wasn't in place. It is also one of the most expensive parts to replace, so it is a good idea to take good care of it. If your car is not running as smoothly as it used to, it can be one of the first signs that your transmission is going out.

However, it can also mean that you need more transmission fluid in your car. Transmission fluid is important because it helps the torque converter get power from the engine. Power from the engine is vital for the transmission to function, as it gives it the ability to power up the gears in your car. A car that struggles to move may not be getting enough gear power to move in each direction.

One of the other signs of a bad transmission is the feel of a jerk when the car is moving. The jerk may be minor and hard to detect in the early stages of the problem, but it can get worse as time passes by. It is dangerous to drive with a bad transmission because the car can stall in the middle of heavy traffic and cause an accident.

What is the Estimated Price to Replace a Transmission?

The price for a replacement transmission depends what kind of vehicle is being repaired. For instance, foreign vehicles will be more expensive to repair because the service center staff may have to order the part from a different country. The weight of a transmission can make shipping it to the service center expensive. Whether or not the transmission is rebuilt or purchased new will also play a role in the price.  A rebuilt transmission is estimated to cost a minimum of $1,000, but can run over $6,000, while a used one can cost as little as $200 plus.

Don't allow your vehicle to get worse before taking it to get repaired. Take your car to a service center as soon as possible in case the transmission is in need of attention!

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26 August 2015

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