Mindful Motorcycling: 3 Resources To Ensure A Safe And Comfortable Road Trip


Taking a road trip on a motorcycle offers the opportunity to see the sights without a roof or inconvenient windows getting in the way of the experience. But it's just as important to prep your motorcycle for a road trip as you would a traditional vehicle – here are three resources that will help ensure that your road trip is a safe and comfortable experience:

Focus on Maintenance

One of the most important things to do before heading on a road trip of any length is perform some maintenance on your ride. Start with the tires by using a pressure gauge to ensure optimal air pressure and inspect each wheel for inconsistent tread patterns, which may be a sign that replacements are needed. You should also lubricate your chain with a commercial spray of your choice and check the lights and blinkers for proper performance. Consider tightening the handlebars and steering nut while you're at it.

It is also essential to schedule a maintenance appointment with an accredited service technician as you would for your yearly tune-up. Your technician will check for potential electronic hazards and should be able to catch any small problems before they become serious. They'll also be happy to handle any tasks you aren't up to doing yourself such as examining the fuel lines and do an oil change. For help with your ride, schedule a visit with a professional, such as Supreme Motorsports 1

Invest in Roadside Assistance

Investing in roadside assistance is another effective way to keep yourself protected while traveling the road on your motorcycle. With a comprehensive plan you can expect to gain access to support for things like a flat tire, battery failure, and minor mechanical problems. Your motorcycle will also be towed to a repair facility of your choice when necessary, and you may qualify for car rental assistance and bodily injury coverage depending on the type of policy you decide to purchase.

Implement Weather Protection

Being prepared for uncomfortable weather during your travels will not only make the trip more enjoyable, but it should help keep you safer on the road because you won't have to battle poor vision or focus on the feeling of wet clothes while navigating your route. A pair of weatherproof gloves made with poly-fabric will keep your grip tight on the handlebar in extreme weather conditions. Seamless overboots are helpful as they'll slip right over your shoes to provide water protection and slip resistance, and a jacket constructed with waterproof polyester or a rubberized barrier is a must-have for body temperature control.    

While these tips and tricks require a bit of time and investment to put into place they are sure to provide you peace of mind, making any preparations you make worth every effort.  


28 November 2015

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