2 Reasons To Have Your Tires Checked Before Your Next Road Trip


Going on a road trip can be a very entertaining and memorable experience, but that experience can be completely ruined if you do not have an auto shop, like Foley Auto & RV Repair, check out your tires before you leave. Listed below are just two of the important reasons to have a repair shop check out your tires and replace them if necessary.

Fuel Economy

One of the biggest reasons to have a mechanic or repair shop inspect your tires is in order to get the best possible fuel economy out of your vehicle. This is useful as you will then be able to save quite a bit of money on gas throughout the trip and either use that money to have more fun on the trip or simply save it for future expenses. The reason that worn tires can greatly affect your fuel economy is because they make your engine work harder to keep your vehicle moving.


You should also have your tires inspected before the trip for your own safety. One reason for this is that worn tires can lead to unexpected tire leaks or a blowout. A leak can lead to being stranded on the side of the road until help arrives; and, a blowout can be exceedingly dangerous if it occurs while driving at high speeds. The blowout can easily cause your vehicle to lose control and go off of the road.

Another reason that worn tires need to be replaced for your safety is that the lack of grip can make your vehicle harder to control. This can lead to becoming stuck in snow or on ice more easily, and bald tires will make it easier for your car to hydroplane in rainy conditions.

In addition, the worn tires can also make it much harder to avoid road hazards or other vehicles in the event of an emergency. For example, if a car in front of your brakes suddenly and you do not have time or the space to brake, the lack of tread on your tires can make it difficult to get the maneuverability that you will need to avoid getting into an accident.

Take your vehicle to an auto repair shop today to get it fully checked out prior to any road trip. Having your tires checked out and possibly replaced before a trip can keep you safe on your trip while also improving your fuel economy.


1 January 2016

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