Cool And Efficient: Fixing Problems With Car Cooling


During the hot summer months, the one thing that you do not look forward to is the heat of the car in the summer. There are numerous warnings reminding people not to leave children and pets in parked cars even for a few minutes, due to the heat. Adults should also not sit inside of hot cars due to the possibility of health issues from being burned by the hot metal seatbelt to heat stroke. Starting your car and cooling it down before getting in is a great way to make sure your car is comfortable. Sometimes, cars can take a while to cool down. Here are some issues and ways to fix a car that is cooling too slow.

Refrigerant needs to be replaced

It is easy to remember that cars need gas and that you may need to bring bottled water along for yourself in the summer, but the one fluid that is easy to miss is refrigerant. If your car is not cooling enough, it may be low on refrigerant. Most cars hold 32 ounces or less of refrigerant, so if any of it has run out, this can cause slow cooling issues. Take your car into an auto air conditioning service like Jason's Auto Repair to have the refrigerant levels checked at the start of every high-temperature season.

Strength loss in the AC compressor

If the compressor in your vehicle has become weak, it will not be able to help pump out cool air. The compressor going out means that it is no longer able to pressurize and means that you will need auto repair. An auto air conditioning repair shop can let you know whether they can tune up the compressor or if you need to replace it all together. Be sure to have the system thoroughly checked to determine if the entire compressor has malfunctioned or it is the seals.

Leaks in a hose

One of the most big, but most annoying issues that can cause a car to have cooling issues is the problem of leaks in the hose. The hoses that can have leaks are numerous, including compressor hoses, condenser hoses, and hose seals. Fixing a hose leak can be as simple as sealing it, but you must first figure out where the leak is. A dye check can be performed on all of the hoses with UV dye and a UV light in order to determine where the leak is. Once the leak is sealed, the AC compressor should be able to blow air as necessary.


26 January 2016

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