Auto Repair: Four Helpful Tips For Purchasing Used Car Parts


A lot of auto repairs can be done with a DIY approach. All you need is some basic knowledge of mechanics, auto parts, and accessories and you can easily complete the job yourself. While you can certainly purchase auto parts from a dealership, you can save some money by purchasing used parts from an auto part store or junkyard.

So what should you be on the lookout for when buying used auto parts? Here are four tips to help you out:

1.  Be on the Lookout for Dents and Damages

Obviously, when you purchase a used car part, you want it work properly. The easiest way to ensure that the part will function is by looking at it. Inspect any potential part you intend to buy visually. Be on the lookout for any dents, damages, or blemishes. You should also be on the lookout for stripped or worn threads, if the part screws on.

If you can, you should also consider testing the part. Just ask the seller if they would be willing to demonstrate that the part functions properly before you buy it. This will ensure that whatever parts you buy work properly, which will save you money—and possibly a headache.

2. Bring Tools

If you plan to purchase a part from a junkyard or private seller, you might want to bring along some tools. The seller might not have the tools on hand to remove the part from the car it is attached to. So it can be very helpful to have at least a screwdriver and a wrench on hand.

3. Know the Specifications

Make sure you know the exact part that you need before you go shopping for it. While a lot of cars do share parts between makes and models, some parts are specific to certain vehicles. So make sure that the part you are looking at will fit your current vehicle. If you don't know this information, look at your operation manual. You could also ask an auto part store, as they will likely have this information on hand.

4. Ask About Exchanges

In the event that the part does not fit your vehicle—or it doesn't function—you will want to know about the exchange policy. Oftentimes, auto part stores will offer a guarantee on their products. Auto part stores usually have an exchange policy in place as well. However, if you are buying privately or through a junkyard, be sure to ask about their policy. They might not offer one or allow for exchanges, and that might change your mind.

There you have it: four tips to help you buy used car parts confidently. Whether buying a replacement windshield or a used alternator, these tips can help ensure you get the part you need at a price that fits your budget. 


17 February 2016

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