Signs Your Spark Plug Is Failing


If you enjoy a leisurely drive, there is nothing more frustrating than a car that is under performing. You start the car, rev the engine, and put the pedal to the metal, but as you begin to drive off, you feel as slow as your grandma on a Sunday afternoon. What gives?

There could be many reasons why your vehicle is not living up to its performance standards. However, the one solution that is most overlooked is the lowly spark plug. Your vehicle might be in need of a tune-up, if it has any of these telltale signs:

A Rough Idle

If you have ever sat in your car at a red light and felt like you were riding a martini shaker, it is likely that your spark plugs need replacing. A hard or rough idle can be problematic for your vehicle. It causes unnecessary stress on the engine. A rough vibration while the car is idling will eventually damage the engine. Prevent this eventuality by checking and, if necessary, changing the spark plugs.

Low Gas Mileage

Feel like your filling up your tank more than usual? It could be the result of a damaged spark plug slowing your engine down. Making sure your spark plugs are functioning properly could mean the difference between awesome and awful gas mileage around town and on the highway.

Starter Trouble

If your car has difficulty starting, it's natural to assume that it is the battery or alternator. Before you spend the money on either, try ruling out your spark plugs first. A damaged spark plug can cause miscommunication between the plug and cylinder, making it difficult and sometimes impossible for the engine to start.

Slow Acceleration

If you notice that your vehicle is accelerating slower than usual, it's probably time to get a tune-up. Slow acceleration means that there is a misfire between the spark plug and the engine. If you find you are pressing hard on the gas to accelerate or to make it up inclines, it may be time for a tune-up.

The spark plug's responsibility is to make sure energy is consistently reaching the cylinder. Like the brain sending signals to the various system of the body, the spark plug is the central line of communication to the engine. It is essential to ensure they are properly installed and working.

Your vehicle is important. Maintaining its health is important to its longevity and operation. Be sure that you have routine maintenance performed, such as at Doc Able's Auto Clinic Inc, so that you can continue to enjoy cruising.


3 March 2016

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