Refuting Two Myths About Window Tinting


Window tinting can be an excellent way of reducing the amount of light and heat that makes it through your windows. However, there are many people that may not be particularly informed about window tinting, which makes it easy to believe routine myths. As a result, you might benefit from having the following couple of myths refuted if you have limited experience with tinting.

Myth: Window Tinting Is Only Applicable For Cars

While window tinting is commonly found on car windows, many people make the assumption that tinting is only used for auto windows. However, there are residential window tinting options available as well. These can be excellent for homeowners that are wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their homes while also providing relief from the sun's intense light. Similar to the tints found on auto windows, residential tints are applied to the interior of the windows to protect the tints from the elements. Unfortunately, some homeowners will attempt to save money by installing their window tints without professional help. If a tint is incorrectly installed, it may peel or have air pockets and wrinkles. To minimize the risk of these complications, you should always have a professional install your tint.

Myth: Color Is The Only Factor To Consider When Choosing A Tint

When choosing a window tint, many homeowners will make the mistake of only basing this decision on the color of the tint. While this is certainly a major part of your choice, there are other considerations that you will need to evaluate. For example, if you have indoor plants, you should make sure to choose a tint that is designed for use with plants. Making the mistake of choosing a standard tint may block out too much of the sun's light for your plants, which can cause them to suffer stunted growth. While a tint designed especially for use with plants may be slightly more expensive, it can be a small price to pay for keeping your plants healthy.

A tint can be a highly effective way of improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. However, it can be difficult to get the most from this window upgrade if you make the mistake of believing the myths that tints are only for auto windows and that color is the only factor to consider. Dispelling these notions will help to give you the insight needed to get the most from the window tints. Talk to a company like MidAmerica Tint for more information on window tinting.


11 April 2016

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