4 Supplies To Keep In Your Emergency Big Rig Breakdown Kit During The Summer


You may count on your semi to take you to your destination every time you climb inside, but the fact is, vehicles are never as reliable as people like to think--even commercial ones. Because of this fact, it is always best to be prepared as a driver for emergency situations that leave you broken down. Keep the number to a good heavy duty towing service on hand, but also create an emergency kit to keep in your rig. In the summer, being a stranded driver can be even more of a concern because of the heat. So, here are a few things to include in your emergency big rig breakdown kit at the beginning of the hot weather season.

1. Gallons of water - Water is an absolute necessity as a stranded driver in the summer. Not only is it important that you drink enough to stay hydrated because you will be sweating a lot more in the heat, you can use the water to keep you cool. When it is super hot, using a wet cloth on your forehead and neck can help your body temperature stay lower. Keep a gallon or two of water on hand in your truck for emergencies.

2. Shelf-stable snacks - Your energy levels in the summer can crash quickly because the heat can take such a toll. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep snacks in your semi, whether tucked away behind the seat, in the sleeper if you have one, or in the glovebox. Opt for high-protein snacks that are packed with healthy carbs, such as nuts and energy bars. These items won't be affected so much by the heat and usually have a long shelf life.

3. Silver emergency blanket - Emergency blankets are often thought of as a winter season commodity, but they can be just as useful in the summer. If you find yourself stranded in your rig in the summer sun, you can stretch an emergency blanket over the windshield to reflect some of the sunlight and heat out and away from your vehicle. These blankets fold into tiny pouches that you can slip inside your console, but they are often large enough that they can cover one or more windows to provide you with shade.

4. High SPF sunscreen - The sun streaming through your truck's windows can be enough to cause a burn, so if you do break down, it will be good if you have sunscreen on hand for protection. Likewise, if it gets so hot that you must exit the vehicle, you will have sunscreen to slather on and protect your skin.

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7 August 2016

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