3 Common Transmission Problems


If you own a vehicle, you need to be aware of the three most common issues you can run into with your transmission. By being aware of what these issues are, you will be able to react properly if these issues should ever crop up for you.

#1 Overheating

The biggest issue you can run into with your transmission is overheating. When your transmission becomes overheated, steam will start to come out of every available exit point it can find within your transmission system. This steam will eventually become so great that you will be able to see it spilling out of the hood of your vehicle.

If this happens to you, you need to pull over and allow your vehicle to cool off. You can open the hood of your vehicle if you have gloves to put on so the steam doesn't burn your hands. Opening the hood of your vehicle will give the steam more room to vent. Do not attempt to open the transmission fluid cap, as you could get burned by scalding steam. Do not try to pour water on your transmission—just allow it to cool off naturally. Ideally, you should get your vehicle towed to the shop.

Overheating is generally caused by one of three things. One, the fluid in your transmission is too low. Two, the fluid in your transmission is dirty. Three, the fluid lines in your system are blocked.

#2 Slipping Transmission

Another serious transmission issue that you may encounter is a slipping transmission. When your transmission slips, your vehicle goes into a lower or higher gear without prompting. When this occurs, it may make your vehicle surge forward or jerk, which could cause an accident.

Similar to when your transmission overheats, low levels of transmission fluid or broken lines generally contribute to slipping.

#3 Leaking Fluid

The third issue is likely the most common. You can tell if your transmission is leaking fluid if you spot clear, translucent fluid under your vehicle or if you notice that your transmission fluid levels rapidly drop.

To fix this, you can purchase transmission stop-leaking fluid, that you pour into your transmission fluid and helps seal off any leaks. You may also need to have a mechanic replace a broken seal, gasket, or tube to fix this issue.

Being aware of the three most common transmission issues will help make you a more responsible driver and will help you make more informed decisions when something goes wrong with your vehicle. For more information, talk to a reputable mechanic like those at Hillis 66 Service.


4 October 2016

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