Maintain Your Stopping Power: How To Care For Your Brakes This Summer


If your summer is going to involve a lot of driving, you'll need to pay attention to your brakes. You might not realize this but the additional wear and tear can really wreak havoc on your brakes. The last thing you want is to experience brake problems while you're on the road somewhere. To make sure you avoid that, here are four steps you'll need to take to give your brakes the stopping power they'll need this summer.

Keep the Brake Fluid Reservoir Filled

During the summer, it's important that you look under the hood of your car more often than you usually do. The heat can cause serious damage to your car. It can also cause your car to go through fluid more quickly than it usually does. This includes your brake fluid. To avoid problems, you should check your fluid levels at least once a week, including your brake fluid level. Add fluid as needed. If you notice that you're needing to add brake fluid each week, you'll need to schedule a brake inspection.

Wash Your Car Once a Week

When you think about brake maintenance, you might not think about washing your car. However, keeping your car clean can go a long way to ensuring stopping power. During the summer, your brake pads heat up more than usual. That additional heat can cause your brake pads to shed more rapidly. The shedding of your brake pads causes a light dust to adhere to the surface of your rotors and drums. Over time, that brake dust can interfere with the proper performance of your brakes. Washing your car once a week will help prevent an accumulation of brake dust.

Watch for Leaks Near Your Tires

The summer heat can do some real damage to the hoses in your car, including your brake lines. Once your brake lines develop small cracks and holes, you'll start to notice leaks near your tires. Unfortunately, leaks in your brake lines can lead to brake failure. During the summer it's important that you watch your driveway for signs of new leaks, especially behind your wheels. If you notice leaks, take your car in for a brake inspection immediately.

Pay Attention to Your Brakes

When you drive your car often enough, you begin to know what it sounds like, and how it feels. During the summer, it's crucial that you pay attention to your brakes. Listen for unusual sounds, such as grinding and squealing. Also, feel for problems in the way your car brakes, such as pulling to one side. Those are all signs that your brakes need immediate attention. Contact a shop, like Furgersons Garage, for more help.


1 June 2018

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