Two Hints Your Brakes Need to Be Serviced


There is nothing more thrilling than the feeling of freedom when you finally buy your first car. However, owning a car comes with the responsibility of keeping it maintained and safe to drive. The brakes of your car are a vital component of your car's safety because bad brakes cannot stop your vehicle when you're driving into danger. As a first-time car owner, here are two signs that you need to take your car to a service center to have the brakes checked.

Noisy Brakes

The most obvious sign your brakes need attention is the presence of noise when you apply the brake pedal. Noises that you may hear include:

  • A grinding noise which indicates your brake pads need replacing. When you put your foot on the brake pedal, the brake pad is applied to the brake rotor inside your wheel. The brake pad slows the brake rotor, which in turn, slows the wheels of your car. When the brake pad is thin, it grinds against the brake rotor which can become damage as well.
  • A squealing noise is another indicator that the brake pad is rubbing against the brake rotor. Squealing also indicates the presence of water on your brakes, which in turn can lead to rust damage.

Changes to Brake Pedal Behavior

Another sign your brakes need attention is when you notice a difference in your brake pedal behavior. When you push your foot down onto the brake pedal, there should be no resistance or spongy feeling as the pedal moves downwards. If the brake goes to the floor without any pressure behind it, then it is likely you need to replace missing brake fluid. Brake fluid levels drop naturally due to evaporation, but levels also drop because of leaks. If you think your brake fluid levels are low, have a mechanic check. Alternatively, if it feels like you need to apply more pressure than normal to activate your brakes, then it is possible one of your brake lines is obstructed, which also needs a mechanic's attention.

It pays to have your brakes inspected annually even if there is no obvious sign of issues within them. When you are driving down a wet road and need to brake suddenly to avoid an accident, well-maintained brakes make a difference in whether you can avoid an accident or not. Talk to a local auto service center, such as G P Automotive, if you suspect your brakes are not performing as well as they should.


8 October 2018

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