Want To Get Your Commercial Driver's License? 2 Tips To Help You Pass Your CDL Test


A commercial driving license (CDL) is needed if you want to work in the trucking industry. Like a traditional driver's license, you will have to take a written exam in order to obtain your license. This exam is more difficult than a traditional license exam, however. To help you, below are two tips so you can pass your test and start working.

Study CDL Manual for Your State

First, obtain the CDL manual for your state to help you get ready for the test. You can find this manual online, but make sure you get one for the state that you live in. You can also visit your local Department of Motor Vehicle to obtain the manual for your CDL test.

Some topics you will need to study for the CDL test include:

  • Inspection of truck
  • Ways to communicate with other truck drives on the road
  • Keep control of the truck on the road and shifting gears
  • Speed control
  • Distracted driving
  • Nighttime driving
  • Braking
  • Emergencies you may have on the road
  • How to handle hazards
  • Skid control

Take Practice Exams

Once you are finishing studying the CDL manual, take a few practice tests. These tests are much like the real tests and will show you if you need to study more on certain topics. Your local DMV will likely have some practice tests available either at their establishment or online. If you look in the back of the CDL manual, you may find a few practice permit tests there.

Start out by taking two practice CDL permit tests. No test that you take will be the same to ensure you are tested well on all topics. If you do well on the first two, take two more to ensure you know the information and will be ready to take the test.

If you fail the CDL test, you can retake it but will have to wait a few days. How long this is depends on the state that you live in. Your DMV will be able to give you this information. Do not take too long to retake the exam, however, as you want everything to still be fresh in your mind.

If you have been hired for a freight trucking company they may help you get ready for your CDL exam. Your company will also likely help you get ready when it is time to take the driving exam. This is especially beneficial if you have never driven a semi-truck before.


21 November 2018

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