Spring Cleaning Auto Maintenance Checklist: 4 Tasks To Do To Your Car As The Weather Gets Warmer


During the winter months, there is certain maintenance that you have done to your car. As the winter ends and the weather gets warmer, it is time for auto maintenance again. Part of your spring cleaning should include a to-do-list of car maintenance that needs to be done. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that your car will need as the weather gets warmer outside:

1. Checking and Changing Fluids to Prepare for Warm Weather

During extremely cold weather, many cars use different fluids to improve the performance during the winter months. As the weather gets warmer, winter fluids can cause problems, so you will want to have them changed to ensure your car performance is not affected. Use fluids that protect your car from extreme summer heat that will be here soon.

2. Maintenance of Tires and Checking Pressure Before a Change in Temperatures

Another maintenance task that needs to be done is caring for your tires. It is extremely important to routinely check the pressure of your tires to ensure they wear evenly and your car handles as it should. As there are major changes in the temperatures outside, you will want to check the pressure and treads to make sure your tires do not need to be changed.

3. Cleaning the Exterior to Remove Grime and Winter Road Salt Before It Causes Damage

Over the winter months, it is often too cold out to worry about washing the grime from your car. The grime often is a combination of road debris and salt that was used to treat icy roads. These materials can cause the metal components of your car to corrode. Therefore, one of the first maintenance tasks that need to be done to your car this spring is cleaning the winter grime from the exterior.

4. Inspecting Brakes and Suspension Parts for Maintenance and Repair Needs

Your brakes and suspension components also need maintenance after the winter months have passed. You will want to inspect the brakes and other suspension parts for signs of wear and damage that has been caused by winter weather. If your brake pads are worn, this is a good time to have them changed before the temperatures get warmer outside.

These are some of the auto maintenance tasks that will need to be done as the weather gets warmer. If you need help with spring auto maintenance and repairs, contact a car care service like Action  Transmission for help with some of these tasks.  


23 February 2019

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