4 Tips To Keep Your Tires In Excellent Condition


Your tires are an integral part of your car. When there's a problem with your tires, you can suffer from reduced gas mileage and poor vehicle control; you can even be more likely to get into a car accident. Here are four tips that will help you keep your tires in excellent condition:

1. Keep your tires inflated to the correct PSI.

Inadequately inflated tires will make your car less efficient. On the other hand, tires that are over-inflated are more prone to bursting. In order to keep your tires inflated to the correct degree, you should check your air pressure at least once a month. It's best to do this when the tires are cold, since this will give you a more accurate reading. You can fill your tires for free at most gas stations or service stations. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the correct PSI.

2. Check your tires for damage.

There are all sorts of harmful objects on the road. Broken glass, nails, and other debris can puncture your tires. You don't want to get caught away from home with a flat tire. Get into the habit of inspecting your tires for damage after each day. Early detection will allow you to repair or replace your tire before it becomes an emergency.

3. Replace your tire's suspension system.

Your tires are connected to your car through a suspension system. This system absorbs the force of bumps that your car encounters, which reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle. However, your car's tire suspension system will wear out over time. According to Mr. Tire, you should have a mechanic look at your suspension system at least once every 50,000 miles. You may need to have the shocks and struts replaced. This minor investment can help your tires and your car itself last longer.

4. Don't store things in your car.

One of the perks of having a car is the ability to carry all the items you need with you. However, you shouldn't get into the habit of storing things in your car. Placing excessive amounts of weight on your vehicle can cause your tires suspension system to wear out more quickly. It can also cause your tires themselves to wear out. At least once a week, you should go through your car and trunk and remove anything unnecessary. Your car will look cleaner, and you will even get better gas mileage if you do this.


9 July 2019

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