Dangers Of DIY Car Repair


DIY car repair can save you some money, but it can also cost you a lot in terms of injuries. There are some mishaps that are more likely to afflict DIY enthusiasts than professional mechanics. Here are some of those accidents.

Fire Outbreaks

A fire outbreak cannot only result in damages, but it can also cause burn injuries. A typical car has several fire risks. For example, car fuel is highly flammable, and opening the engine or fuel tank near an open flame (such as a lit cigarette) can result in a fire outbreak or even an explosion.


Some parts of your car can burn you even if there is no fire. The engine produces considerable heat when it is running, and the heat usually spreads to various parts of the car. For example, working on the engine or radiator or the surrounding components can cause you severe burns.

Eye Contamination

All the fluids in the car should not get into your eyes. Fuel, refrigerant, oil, and transmission fluids are all bad for your eyes. Eye contamination might occur if you accidentally release a fluid and you are not wearing protective goggles.

Electrical Shocks

You also face a risk of electrical shock while working on your car. Note that the voltage in some parts of the car can be several times more than the voltage supplied by the car battery. For example, the ignition system amplifies the voltage thousands of times. Careless handling of such parts can give you a nasty shock or even kill you.

Vehicle Falls

A jack might be strong enough to lift a car, but you should not rely on it for keeping your car up while working under the car. The jack can malfunction and send the car crashing down, causing you severe injuries. Ideally, you need to add some support stands under the car, in addition to the jack.

Airbag Deployment

An accidental deployment of the airbag can also cause severe injuries. The risk of such an accidental deployment is high if you are working on the instrument panel or steering column. A simple accident can affect the electrical connections or sensors and send the airbag flying into you.


Lastly, there is also a risk of getting entangled in moving parts of the car. Long hair, flowing clothes, and even your hands can get entangled in belts or other moving parts and leave you with serious injuries.

Only try DIY service if you have the skill and right tools and equipment. Otherwise, leave your car's services to professional mechanics.


16 December 2019

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