3 Causes Of Truck Breakdowns And Ways To Prevent Them


Truck breakdowns are pretty inconvenient, especially when transporting cargo. While mechanical errors can take the blame for some breakdowns, the most common causes of trouble are preventable when detected early enough. Therefore, you should know the various triggers of truck breakdowns to help you create a maintenance schedule that minimizes breakdown risks while on the road. 

The following are the leading causes of truck breakdowns.

1. Electrical Issues

A truck's electrical system primarily comprises the starter, battery, and alternator. These three parts work in tandem to keep your truck moving. If one of these essential components malfunctions, your truck could stall.

For instance, if your battery dies or the ignition fails, the truck will not even start. Also, a defective alternator drains your battery rapidly and eventually causes the truck to break down.

Signs of a failing electrical system that you should always look out for are:

  • Strange odors
  • Flickering or dim lights
  • Clicking or whining sounds when you start the engine

You should ensure regular inspection of the truck's wiring to prevent breakdowns. Also, keep a close eye on your truck lights to catch issues early on. But for more dependable truck lights, consider switching to LEDs. LED lights are energy-efficient and last longer than conventional light bulbs. 

2. Tire Troubles

Tire failure can cause serious mishaps while on the road. Firstly, truck tires deteriorate faster because the trucks are constantly on the move for long hours. The rugged roads commercial tires sometimes drive on can accelerate wear and tear. Worn tires are prone to punctures and blowouts, which puts you and your passengers in harm's way.

Another cause of tire failure is under-inflation. If you drive with low tire pressure, the tires wear prematurely due to increased friction.

Misaligned axles can also increase tire wear. Before you hit the road, always inspect the tires thoroughly for any of these issues. 

3. Brake Problems

Brake problems pose a significant danger to you and other road users. If you poorly maintain the brakes, friction, pressure, and heat may hasten brake deterioration.

Common causes of brake failure include:

  • Overheated brake pads
  • Air leaks
  • Cored rotor disks
  • External corrosion

To avoid breakdown incidences due to brake issues, schedule regular brake inspections and servicing to ensure all brake components are working correctly. 

You should keep up with regular maintenance of your truck to minimize breakdowns. Besides pre-trip inspections, check your truck while in transit and after completing a trip for issues that might leave you stuck on the road. Reach out to an automotive repair service to learn more.


24 November 2021

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