5 Signs Your Driveline Is Failing


A driveline is what is responsible for transferring power from your engine and transmission to your wheels. It is what connects your engine and transmission to your vehicles and allows all that power your engine generates to push your vehicle down the road. The driveline is also commonly referred to as the driveshaft and drivetrain. They are all referring to the same part of your vehicle.  

Sign #1: Vehicle Shaking 

One of the first signs that your driveshaft is failing is that you will feel your vehicle shaking. The shaking isn't going to feel like it is coming from one side of your vehicle or another. Instead, it will feel like the shaking is coming from the underside of your vehicle. You will feel like your entire vehicle is vibrating. Under-vehicle vibrations are generally caused by the carrier bearings, coupler, or u-joints. Shaking should not be ignored, as shaking can cause damage to additional vehicle components. 

Sign #2: Clunking Noise 

When you are driving, you may notice a loud clunking noise when shifting your vehicle. You can hear a loud clunking noise regardless of if your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission. This type of sound is generally caused by a u-joint that is worn out.  

Sign #3: Shuddering When Accelerating 

When you press on the gas, you should feel your vehicle smoothly accelerate. If you experience your vehicle shuddering when you are accelerating, you have an issue with the driveline. More than likely, the u-joint or the carrier bearing is worn out. This will help when you are accelerating from a low speed or from a stop.  

Sign #4: Squeaking Sound 

A damaged driveline is going to make a very distinctive squeaking sound. You will hear the squeaking sound when your vehicle is driving at a low speed. The sound may be coming from a u-joint that lacks lubrication. This could be an easy fix if addressed right away; adding a little grease can help eliminate the squeaking. If the u-joint is worn down, you may need to get replace the joint.  

Sign #5: Clicking 

If you hear a clicking or knocking sound that you can't explain, there is a good chance it could be a failing CV joint, which is a part of your driveline system.  

If you hear a sound that you can't explain, or you feel shaking from the underside of your vehicle, or things feel offered when you are accelerating, the issue is more than likely linked to your driveline. It is essential to take care of your driveline, as it is what gives your wheels the power they need to move your vehicle down the road.  

Finally, it is always a good idea to take your car to a mechanic familiar with driveline repair for regular maintenance.


24 March 2022

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