3 Options For Auto Glass Repair


Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield can earn you a traffic violation ticket on the highway because it could endanger yourself and other motorists. Cracks and chips obstruct vision as you drive. Therefore, you should repair cracks and chips on your windshield promptly.

Here are three options for windshield repair.

1. Patch Things Up

Sometimes, a windshield crack will catch you at the worst time when driving through a remote road with no auto repair shops in sight. Other times, you don't have the time to stop at an auto repair shop to repair your windshield. So, how do you hold your cracked auto glass in place and avert further damage?

A quick solution to a cracked windshield is using a windshield patch. You can buy a patch in most DIY car care kits and store some in the glove compartments. Patching your windshield is not a professional way of fixing a broken one but holds it until you can repair it professionally.

Apply the patch over the chip or small crack on your windshield to prevent it from extending. Cut the patch to the size of the crack or chip, and then smooth it out and leave it to cure. The patch will harden to strengthen the cracked area and prevent the glass from breaking further.

2. Auto Glass Resin Treatment

If you have a minor crack or chip on your windshield, a professional repairer can use resin to seal it. However, this treatment is only viable for small damage and will prevent further damage to your windshield if you seal all the damaged areas.

The windshield repairer will inject resin into the cracked area and then heat the area to harden the resin. The resin will expand to fill the crack or chipped area and strengthen the affected area.

3. Auto Glass Replacement

Not all chips and cracks on your windshield are repairable, especially if they're too deep into the glass or extend beyond what's acceptable according to traffic rules. The windshield repair expert can identify an irreparable windshield just by looking at it and will advise you to replace it. Some of the reasons why you'd need to replace your windshield include the following:

  • The cracks are too large for repair (larger than a dollar bill), or the chip is larger than a quarter
  • You've repaired the windshield before in the same area
  • Repairing the windshield would obstruct vision when driving
  • Repairing your windshield would leave it susceptible to more damage
  • Small chips or cracks are branching from the original crack or chip

The windshield repair expert will remove the old windshield while protecting your vehicle's interior and clean the frame in readiness for the new windshield. The expert will use adhesive glue to stick the windshield on and leave it to cure. They might also use heat to help the windshield stick.

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14 April 2023

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