4 Tips to Keep Your Glass Shower Doors from Shattering


A new, attractive glass shower door will certainly give your restroom the upgrade it needs to boost your home's overall curb appeal and value. However, glass is a delicate material, making it a great concern among homeowners interested in installing glass shower doors. So are these doors safe and reliable? How can you prevent them from shattering? Below are some tips to help you protect doors from breaking or shattering.

1. Pay Attention to Quality

Glass shower doors vary in quality and thickness. Most manufacturers produce reliable glass doors that meet safety standards. Framed doors come reinformed with aluminum or steel frames, making them less vulnerable to impact. On the other hand, frameless doors are thicker and have safety coatings to prevent them from breaking after impact. Talk to a contractor to help you find a reliable dealer to buy shower doors. Superior quality shower doors might be expensive, but they are reliable in terms of durability, tenacity, and safety.

2. Ensure Quality Installation

Another good way to keep your doors from shattering is by ensuring a quality installation. Reputable manufacturers provide warranties on their products, provided you use professional installation services. Experienced installers understand what it takes to ensure your glass doesn't break during and after installation.

The professionals will take the dimensions of your shower to ensure the door doesn't bang against the door frame. They might recommend safer opening options like sliding doors that minimize the risk of impact. The installer will also carefully install other hardware like door rails to avoid breakage. You can count on professional installations to ensure your glass stays intact for a long time.

3. Schedule Inspection Service

After the technicians complete the installation project, consider asking them for tips to help you check for wear and tear. They can explain some indications that may signal your glass shower door is about to break. For instance, if you come across small cracks when cleaning, don't wait. Schedule for inspection and repair to solve the problem.

4. Be Gentle

When purchasing a glass shower door, consider going for tempered glass that is stronger than normal glass. Although it can shatter, the glass will not break into sharp shards that can injure you. However, you also need to be gentle with your tempered glass, regardless of its tenacity. For example, avoid slamming the door, leaning heavily against it, or overloading it with drenched towels and bathrobes. Consider putting anti-slip mats next to the door to avoid fall accidents that can make the glass break. Being extra careful not to hit the door will prolong its lifespan and ensure your safety.

Most glass shower doors are safe, attractive, reliable, and durable. You can implement the tips discussed above to prevent shattering and prolong its life. Remember to involve a pro service such as Action Glass Shower Doors of Arizona for further guidance.


16 August 2022

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