Transmission Repair: 4 Indicators You Need Professional Help


When your vehicle isn't operating as it should, you need to seek immediate help from an auto repair shop. Doing so will ensure your car's engine and other parts are running as they should to avoid unexpected breakdowns. You should know that regular maintenance is essential, particularly for your vehicle transmission. This is because if you overlook a transmission problem, you may end up rebuilding the transmission system, which can be expensive. Here are a few transmission failure signs you should watch out for.

Your Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

If you park your car after a drive and notice a liquid puddle a few hours later, your transmission fluid could be leaking. Note that a healthy transmission system will not experience any leaks. So if you experience this problem, your mechanic will check whether there's a crack on the pan gasket or if the bolts are well-tightened. Regardless of the cause of damage, the expert will make timely repairs to ensure steady fluids.

Your Engine Check Light Turns On

When you notice the engine check light on your vehicle's dashboard, it could point to a transmission problem. More so, the engine check light is a sign of different transmission problems. For instance, the solenoid could be malfunctioning or the cooler lines clogged. The only way to determine the transmission issue you are facing is by seeking auto repairs.

You Are Having Difficulties Engaging The Gear

A gear problem indicates that you should seek transmission repair services. In most cases, this issue occurs if you're running low on the transmission fluid. If you have noticed any leakage from your vehicle recently, topping it up will help address your problem. However, if you notice rough shifting, your technician may need to check if the transmission synchronizers are aligned. In most cases, the clutch plate is likely worn out if your vehicle uses manual transmission.

You Notice Burning Smells Coming From Your Vehicle

Consider seeking transmission repair services on the first sign of burning smells in your car. If you notice the smell of burning rubber, sludge buildup on the transmission fluid may cause the gear not to shift properly. In such a case, your technician will need to flush the fluid and add a fresh one. This is important in ensuring that your transmission system doesn't fail.

Your vehicle transmission system is supposed to ensure that your gear shifts properly. So, when you notice any of the abovementioned issues, don't hesitate to seek auto repair services. This will prevent you from dealing with costly transmission replacements.


3 October 2022

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