What You Need To Do When You Find A Chip In Your Windshield


Glass chips are sometimes so small that they do not seem crucial, but anytime the glass is chipped, the area under and around the chip becomes weak, and the potential for failure is higher. Auto glass chip repair can reinforce the glass and fill the damage to ensure it does not spread or turn into a crack. 

Auto Glass Repair Services

Anytime you are dealing with damage to the glass in your car, it is essential that you have a qualified auto glass repair service inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs. Windshield glass is not a repair that any shop can handle, and unique materials and tools are necessary to ensure the repair works. 

A repair done incorrectly can separate and reopen over time, and in extreme cases, the chip can turn into a crack that runs across the glass and makes it necessary to replace the windshield. The cost of a chip or crack repair is often very reasonable, and most glass repair companies offer mobile service to make it easier to get the repair done. 

A crack repair typically takes a few minutes to complete, and you can drive the vehicle soon after without affecting the repair. It is a good idea to set up an appointment for the repair to ensure you get in and out quickly, but the glass shop can set that up for you if you call a day or two before going to the shop. 

Repairing The Glass

The construction of the windshield glass in your car plays a role in why it is repairable when a small chip or crack appears. The windshield uses two layers of glass with a polyethylene sheet between the layers that supports the glass to help reduce the possibility of it shattering. 

If the polyethylene sheet in the center of the glass is still intact, the glass is typically stable enough to fill with an epoxy resin that bonds with the glass create a strong joint that will stand the test of time. However, if the polyethylene is damaged, the glass is often unable to be filled, and the car will need a replacement windshield.

Insurance And Windshield Repair

When there is damage to the windshield glass in your car, you may want to get the insurance company to cover the repair for you. In most cases, if you have comprehensive coverage, you should have coverage for auto glass repair, but it may not cover chip repair. 

Check with your insurance provider before you take your car to the glass shop so you know what they will cover for you. Sometimes the glass coverage will have a higher deductible than other repairs costs because glass damage is far more likely to happen with everyday driving, so you may find that it is less expensive to pay for the work yourself than to pay the deductible. But if you do, make sure you send the receipts to the insurance company, so they apply that amount to your out-of-pocket or deductible for the year. 


23 November 2022

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