Tire Service Is Vital For Auto Care


Not every car owner knows much about tires, and they may never realize a problem exists until their tires go flat. Worse yet, some issues with the tire only become apparent after a blowout occurs, which is a dangerous situation. Requesting tire inspections at an auto service center could be an effective way to discover whether the tires are in good shape or if they require replacing. 

Tire Rotations and Inspections

A tire rotation appointment refers to routine maintenance involving switching the tires from the front and back. The switch may reduce the chances of uneven tire tread wear and the need to replace the tires sooner rather than later. Not every driver books their tire rotations on schedule, which doesn't help preserve the tires' condition nor does it make driving on the tires safe. Tire rotation appointments provide a chance for technicians to inspect the tires closely. Since the technician must remove the tires to rotate them, a rotation booking presents a helpful opportunity to check for leaks by submerging the tires in water.

The Importance of Checking for Leaks

Not everyone may think it is necessary to check for leaks because they can always add more air to the tire when it goes low. However, if the tire continues to lose pressure, repeatedly filling it up with air only provides a short-term—and partial—solution. If a fixable issue causes the leak, the air loss won't stop unless someone patches the tire. Some punctures are not repairable, and replacing the tires becomes the only solution. Either way, driving around on a tire that loses air could damage it. Also, the risk of a blowout increases when driving on a deflating tire.

Tire Inspections at Any Time

A technician could visually inspect the tires anytime, such as during oil changes and other routine maintenance appointments. It may be valuable to ask the technician to check the tires since the driver might not realize that dry rot and other issues have ruined the rubber. Learning that the tires require replacing could prevent an accident.

Getting Notice About Replacing the Tires

The tires might not be in bad enough shape to require an immediate replacement, but the car may need new tires in a few months. Getting a "heads up" that the tires require replacing allows the owner to plan and budget for the switch. The owner can look for the best and most affordable tires and even buy them before the recommended date arrives. 

Contact a local auto service, such as a BMW auto service, to learn more. 


16 June 2023

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